Platform & Issues


During times of social strife and political unrest, it is imperative that we pay attention to the policies and platforms of our local officials.

Children at School


Our children, regardless of background, deserve to be taught the tools they will need to survive. Reading and math are essential tools in the real world. Education and innovation are essential to the prosperity of our society, and in order to perpetuate this prosperity our children, the leaders of tomorrow, need to have access to proper, equitable education.


  • Support Red Clay Resolution to remove or substantially reform SROs from schools and question administrations "need" for them.


  • Discuss educational discrepancies with all stakeholders exhaustively so that we can address and attack the problems one by one.


  • Reinvest funds being used inefficiently into students and trauma informed health interventionists. (Social workers, counselors, and psychologists). 

Recycling Bottles


Environmental justice and education are inextricably linked. Delaware needs a new climate action plan that will ensure environmental justice for Delaware residents while helping to quell the major effects of climate change on our community. 

  • Support the environmental agenda put forward by the Sierra Club.

  • Reverse the inaction that defunded the recycling program at Delaware Department of Natural Resources (DNREC).


  • Have created a new paid environmental educational internship 2020 program within a Red Clay public school to promote environmental stewardship.

  • Ensure all Delawareans access to clean air and water supply.

Police Car


The police are meant to protect all of us. However, due to implicit biases that permeate our system, this is unfortunately not the case for everyone. A safe society depends on more than just its police force. Education, job opportunity, and affordable housing are crucial to providing a safer society and need proper state funding if we really want a safer society for ourselves and our children. 

  • Call for the disbandment of SROs and law enforcement in our schools.

  • Call for body cams on cops while on duty at all times.


  • Students need to feel safe and valued in order to learn, and many students feel differently about SROs than parents do. Some students feel discomfort from and targeted by SROs.


  • Demand the resources our police officers need to be well trained and challenge implicit bias within individuals and the overall justice system.


  • Establish working protocols with the objective to safeguard lives and restore dignity to our daily routines by building community relationships on trust.

Store Front


No one should be too poor to live in one of the richest countries in the World. Additionally, our small and local businesses should be protected by both our legislation and our community. During these unprecedented times, small business owners should be able to lean on the law for support and stability.

  • Raise minimum wage to $15.00 an hour by 2022 with increase tied to inflation. Passing the bill now will give employers time to adjust, and offer tax credits to businesses that may need help.

  • Increase democracy in workplaces through encouragement and support of unions. Assist with financing and support for companies to transition to employee-ownership, in the model of W. L. Gore and Associate

  • Small Business Stabilization: Create an environment where small business will actively thrive and be protected by offering tax credits if necessary.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


Access to quality healthcare should be a right for every American citizen. No Delawarean should go into unmanageable debt trying to meet their healthcare needs and no Delawarean should feel discriminated in a way that could lead to their death.

  • Implement state programs that ensure affordable, accessible birth control for all Delaware women, particularly women whose employers are exempt from providing birth control coverage per the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding religious protections for employers.

  • Acknowledge that women of color, specifically black women are 2 to 6 times more likely to die from complications due to pregnancy and challenge biases within the healthcare system that contribute to this. Additionally, provide protection to Delaware black mothers with doulas and funded programs.

  • Protect our reproductive health care choices within state law, provide inclusive safe sex education and increase access to contraceptives.

  • Explore Medicare expansion (medical, dental, vision, mental), lowering the prices of prescription drugs, and support paid medical leave.

  • Continue to combat the opioid crisis by making inpatient and outpatient options for substance abuse treatment more accessible. End the stigma of drug addiction and encourage patients to seek help without fear of prosecution.



Our children need to know we are doing our best to make all gun owners safe and accountable. I will ensure their safety by proactively working with stakeholder groups to ensure common sense gun regulation wins the day.

  • Support Moms Demand Action.

  • Ensure representatives are not persuaded by NRA-ILA of Delaware to lessen the strictness of gun storage laws.

  • Create a waiting period for buying a gun and conduct a thorough background check on the purchaser.



I am in support of legalizing marijuana in a socially just way. We have to ensure that marijuana doesn't become a big corporate business in Delaware. Instead, we should make sure that marijuana legalization:

  • Benefits small farmers and business owners.

  • Create jobs for local Delawareans first​.

  • Is inclusive and open to those who have been put away in the past for marijuana charges.


North Star vs. Warner Elementary

North Star Report Card

38% Non-White Students

83.84% ELA Ready

80.74% Math Ready

2.76% African-American or Black Students

3.68% Low Income 

4.91% Students with Disabilities

Warner Report Card

96% Non-White Students

15.76% ELA Ready

7.26% Math Ready

78% African-American or Black Students

74.29% Low Income 

25.71% Students with Disabilities

In 2019, an average of $23,146 was spent per student at Warner Elementary and an average of $13,430 was spent per student at North Star Elementary. This is why strategic planning is necessary with increased funding. We need to address where and how money is being used to ensure students from different backgrounds have the chance to become successful, regardless of their current socio-economic status'. Additionally, we need to dig deep and properly identify the ways in which systemic racism and systemic marginalization of certain children hold them back despite funding. As long as systemic racism is prevalent in our system, no amount of money can truly solve the issue.